The Age of Heroes

05.04.14 - Ouroboros

Standing amidst the shaken and panicked congregation of Cortox, the heroes looked out beyond the decimated temple walls to see a familiar figure floating in the destruction. He was Aramis Stargazer, a priest of Celestian who succumbed to madness after being driven out of the very same temple (once a temple devoted to the astral wanderer, Celestian) by many of the same heroes months prior. Draped in the tattered vestments of his former clergy — as well as another robe, this one embellished with with metal stars — the former priest cried out to Celestian, asking for strength in the destruction of the heretics who now occupied his once and former parish.

While the church goers buckled in terror, the heroes of Greyhawk readied themselves for a final showdown. Aramis wasted no time in unleashing his vengeance: from one of his rings he shot forth three glowing missiles of celestial energy. While much of the party were safe, having only been burned by the heat from the missiles, Silhouette was not as fortunate. Powerful though the cosmic bolt was, Silhouette endured and rejoined the party.

As Burbis and Drayden flocked to protect parishioners, Lyks tapped into nature itself, greying the skies to bring forth a powerful lightning bolt. To their amazement, as the bolt passed through the mad priest, they witnessed Aramis unfazed. Dablova suspected Aramis’ apparent invulnerability to be the work of an enchantment, and in turn, hurled a glass flask of Oil of Disenchantment at the priest. Her lack of athletic prowess was her downfall though, as the party watched the flask shatter to the ground before reaching the levitating priest.

Before Aramis could initiate another attack, Ix drew Modius’ Staff of Power, summoned from the cosmos a powerful fireball, and hurled it directly at the floating priest. The flames engulfed Aramis completely and burned away the last traces of his priesthood. As his vestments, hair, and flesh burned, the priest shrieked, sinking to the grounds outside the demolished church while crying out to Celestian to now release him from his agony. The fire died down as Aramis collapsed to the ground, the sapphire robe embellished with stars wrapped around his charred remains, visibly unblemished. The parishioners cheered and rejoiced, crying out with blessings to Cortox and singing the praises of the heroes that saved them. The parishioners clamored around the heroes, wishing to be blessed by Cortox’s holy defenders. While Drayden did his best to calm the crowd, Dablova easily felt overwhelmed and sneaked away with Silhouette and the others to investigate the Stargazer’s remains. The party dusted off the items left with Aramis’ remains (the robe, a pair of rings, and a wand) and quickly made their way back to Pimpleton Manor to rest and regroup.

Back at the manor, the group was collectively exhausted. The party used their respective healing powers and potions to reinvigorate each other while George Pimpleton tended to their comfort with food and drink. While the party indulged in much needed (and deprived) relaxation, they pondered over the spoils of their confrontation. Were these items cursed? Drayden was quick to dispel their worries, letting them know that none of the items carried any residual evil. The next task was to determine what the objects were and whether or not they would be kept. A mistress of legend lore, Silhouette was able to deduce the nature of a number of the items. She was quick to take dibs on the ring that pained her so intensely earlier: a Ring of Shooting Stars. She also uncovered that the other ring was one that granted Aramis his unnatural endurance: a Ring of Protection, which Isrygrad gladly accepted. Dablova was especially drawn to the brilliant blue robe adorned with metal stars. Silhouette uncovered that the robe was in fact a Robe of Stars, a garment that allowed the wearer to travel between the Prime Material and Astral Plane. In addition to that, Dablova was gifted with Aramis’ wand, a short wooden branch tipped with rough opal.


Damn right I got that ring of shooting stars!

05.04.14 - Ouroboros

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