Pseudodragon companion to Lyks


AC: 2
#at: 1
SA: Poison Sting (+4 to hit)
SD: Chameleon power
Magic Resistance: 35%
Move: 6, Fl: 24
HD: 2
Sting: save vs poison or catalepsy for 1-6 days after which character wakes up (75%) or dies (25%)
SD: Blend into typical forest 80% undetectable
Infravision 60ft
Can see invisible objects


Redscar took nest near the font of the Healing Waters in the Dancing Woods after almost being killed by an ogre from nearby Kern. He took notice of the party after the centaur brought Vortis there to heal. Redscar could sense the good and true purpose of the party and sought to find a suitable companion among them for himself. Lyks’ dual nature, both dedicated to preservation of the forest, became his focus. After Lyks’ successful attempt to contact the gods of nature of this world, Redscar decided he had found his match. Lyks awoke to find Redscar’s camouflaged form heavy on his breast. After a final light telepathic probe, Redscar revealed himself to Lyks and has taken him as his companion.


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