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Ba’th Moara struggles between the discipline of her dogmatic duties as a Holy Daughter in Greyhawk’s Church of Istus and her biological craving for adventure (and occasionally hot temper.)

Born in the Free City of Greyhawk, Ba’th descended from generations of High Elf-Human breeding. While her father (a full blooded High Elf and traveling merchant) and mother (a Half Elf handmaiden) identified themselves primarily as Elven, Ba’th was the first of her clan who openly desired to sate traditionally human curiosities. While her parents were as compassionate as High Elves traditionally are, Ba’th inherently craved more than her family could provide. Patient parents notwithstanding, Ba’th entered womanhood by breaking away from the urban hustle and bustle of Greyhawk and High Elf tradition by exploring areas on the outskirts of the city where she mingled with wild Wood Elves, human nomads and other assorted outside creatures. These interactions only furthered Ba’th’s curiosity and created a schism between her and her clan — who wholeheartedly embraced Elven stoicism. Ba’th’s siblings felt her rebelliousness siphoned off their parents’ time and affection, while the elders of the Moara clan scoffed at her breaking away from her heritage.

She eventually turned to magic to cope with not only her lust for knowledge but her desire for control (especially over her temper and resentment towards her Elven family.) Her youthful interest in the arcane was not without consequence. While attempting to conjure a Familiar from a Summon Monster spell, Ba’th was interrupted by her younger sister who threatened to tattle on the young spellcaster. With broken concentration, Ba’th accidentally summoned a Lemure Demon who mindlessly attacked the sisters. While Ba’th was able to dodge its attacks and break the spell to drive the monster away, her sister was not left without injury. The Lemure slashed the Elven child across the face and chest (horrid scars remain to this very day.) For Ba’th’s family, this was the final straw and she was exiled from their familial home with nothing more than a bindlestiff of clothing and her spell book.

Shunned by her family, reeling with guilt, and seeking structure she meandered through Greyhawk for years studying more and more where she could while abstaining from direct conjuration. Reaching adulthood, she arrived at the Church of Istus who preached not forgiveness but acceptance of not only the past, but the future. She spent years as an initiate, going through Istusian rituals and finally obtained the rank of Holy Daughter (Louc Datras). However, Ba’th had not completely escaped her occasionally fiery temper (though her time within the Church has allowed her to manage her spark more wisely.) While she has spent decades as a Holy Daughter, her human emotions have prevented her from truly achieving the rank of Holy Mother (Ava Datras). While her slowed progression in the Church has only exacerbated her frustration age has come not only patience but wisdom. Though Ba’th has taken up the Grey robes and Golden Spindle for Istus, she has not completely abandoned her curiosity in the arcane arts and after years of abstaining from spell casting has become more comfortable in her control over it.

Whether it’s the Divine influence of Istus or submitting to her own human curiosity, Ba’th Moara has sought out the adventurers who were at the forefront of The White Event. Not only to find the Celestian Priest who had appeared (and died!) at the doorstep of the Church once before the battle, but to also decipher her purpose in the world. Her old Grimoire and Istus’s Blessings in tow, she is ready to take on whatever Fate has in store for her…

UPDATE: Ba’th is no warrior, relying on spells of divination and precognition to compensate for her lack of warrior’s intuition.

The spells practiced within the Church of Istus are primarily used in divination. Other spells used are more for defense (given the sketchy nature of the area surrounding the Church, Datrases are advised to defend themselves by connecting and manipulating any attackers’ chain of Fate.)

Her grimoire is a collection of spells acquired to both defend and protect herself. Her magic is an extension of her emotional core, resulting in an array of powerful and eclectic offensive spells. Her defensive spells speak to years on her own before joining the church, as well as protecting her aging body on her newfound quest with the Heroes of Greyhawk.


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