Ix Reed (given name Crunghin Gnarly)
Ix’s Eighteen Thieves working for Ix

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Ix’s History of Events

Adolescence and early adulthood.

  • Born a bastard of the Gnarley Forest. Ix’s heritage is a mystery. As far back as Ix can remember he was assigned various handlers. They served more as guards then as fosters. Ix spend his early childhood shunned and ignored, surrounded by revolving strangers and hushed whispers. During one of his many attempts to dodge his overseers Ix spied upon members of Clan Fealefel training young initiates arcane spells. This inspired awe and envy, for he did not know elfs were capable of such wonders and angry that this training would never be extended to him. Shortly after this incident Ix was transferred to the care of Muddy Jack, a reclusive exiled Gnarley Ranger. Jack was told he may do as he wishes with the lad as long as he had no interactions with any elven settlements. Muddy Jack was a big man with grey matted hair,one eye and missing more teeth than not. He was harsh, strict, and as strong as Ix was quick. Ix appreciated the frankness immediately.

For many years Jack taught Ix rope making, archery, sword fighting, and the art of stealth as well as the art of the pipe, drinking wine in excess, and bawdy jokes involving abnormally large breast. Ix cursed his longevity as he had to watched Jack grow old until he could no longer grow old. Ix learned to love man and his ilk, favoring their direct smears to elven aloofness and secrets.

Left to his own devices Ix stayed close to the forest trading rope and stories with the multitude of travelers on the road to the city of greyhawk. Ix made a conscious effort to learn as much as he could from all the journeyers. Dancers, singers, acrobats, gypsies, sell swords, scholars, charlatans, prostitutes and mummers dressed in motley where amongst his favorite all of which taught him something whether they meant to or not.


  • Ix is slender and athletic, he has dark green eyes and the white-gold hair of an elf. His hair is kept dusty and his face shows grim and dirt. This is intentional as to help hide his Elven features. He wears a black cloak and mantel over a deep-brown suit of leather armor, leather gauntlets and long boots. At the hip he is armed with a longsword and a short sword, in hand is his bow, on his back he carries an array of miscellaneous equipment strapped down and packed to an equipment harness. All of his attire appears sullied and well worn. A more observant viewer would note two things. One is that he is clad in wares of human craftsmanship only and two is that his carried equipment is deliberately made to appear haphazardly placed. In fact Ix has taken great care to assure that his gear is adjusted to be both silent and quickly accessible.

Known Associates
Lyks Reizhodd
Modius Drayden Steelshaper Lanthis Oakenshield Vortis Jor-Mak


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