• Alathedra Earthblessed

    Alathedra Earthblessed

    Grand Druid of the Flanness
  • Alek Goblinfoe

    Alek Goblinfoe

    Leader of Elmshire. Appointed in Crisis
  • Aramis Stargazer

    Aramis Stargazer

    Head of the Church of Celestian in Greyhawk. Possibly insane?
  • Athon Greythrush

    Athon Greythrush

    Former head of the Greyhawk Thieves Guild.
  • Ba'th Moara

    Ba'th Moara

    A Lich and agent of Lolth (Former companion)
  • Baron Jemain

    Baron Jemain

    Grand Marshall of the Furyondian army. Extremely capable and a top tier leader. Lusts for battle and dismissive to those who seek peace
  • Baron Tigus Felmoor

    Baron Tigus Felmoor

    Now slain ruler of Granrud
  • Beemil


    Halfing boy and refugee from Elmshire. Slain along with his father Gormis
  • Burbis Baggleton

    Burbis Baggleton

    Gnomish thief rescued from a behanding by Lyks and Madryk
  • Cha'tok


    Wolf Nomads' ambassador to Greyhawk
  • Cortox


    The one true god. Once sundered by his daughters, Mystra, Beory, Paladine and Illsensine, has now been restored, departed the Prime Material Plane and taked Modius and Reizhodd as heralds
  • Countess Katarina

    Countess Katarina

    Paladin of Heironeous and new leader of the Shield Lands. Cousin to Holmer. Firey temperament with a passion for destroying evil
  • Crek


    Warrior who assisted with rescue of Meris. Disappeared in the white event.
  • Derider Fanshen

    Derider Fanshen

    Constable - Greyhawk
  • Drayden Steelshaper

    Drayden Steelshaper

    Human fighter/Aspiring knight from Ket
  • Dron


    Florist and husband of Meris
  • Duke Trelis

    Duke Trelis

    Furyondian ambassador to Greyhawk. Smart and capable
  • Eamon Stoutheart

    Eamon Stoutheart

    Halfling leader of rescue forces from Celene
  • Earl Holmer

    Earl Holmer

    Ruler of the Shield Lands. Mind broken from time in Iuz's prisons
  • Enoch Greyspeth

    Enoch Greyspeth

    The only known white necromancer in the Flanness
  • Faelin


    Ranger of the Vesve Forest, fair haired twin to Fanden, now bound by curse
  • Fanden


    Ranger of the Vesve Forest, raven haired twin to Faelin, now bound by curse
  • Garman


    Head of Assassin's Guild, Greyhawk
  • Geba


    Escaped prisoner and crime boss from Maraven. Unsuccessfully attempted to bribe party to assist him and was run off.
  • Gemmen


    Former scribe/priest of Celestian. Now a priest of the first church of Cortox
  • George Pimpleton

    George Pimpleton

    House servant of the party. Greyhawk home.
  • Georman Trueriver

    Georman Trueriver

    Aged ranger and leader of rescue forces from Gnarley. Knew Muddy Jack, Ix's protector
  • Gormis


    Halfing refugee from Elmshire. Slain along with his son Beemil
  • Grek Steelstrike

    Grek Steelstrike

    Dwarven purveyor of bladed weapons - Greyhawk
  • Hepzibah (RIP)

    Hepzibah (RIP)

    Half-elf mage assassin for Morlan the Dread Knight
  • Hesta


    Holy Mother of the Church of Istus in Greyhawk
  • Hildefer Paravis

    Hildefer Paravis

    Archdruid of Gnarley Forest
  • Honey


    Exotic Dancer employed at Friendly Strangers. Half of the dancing/comedy duo of Honey and Spice
  • Hyzeus


    Manager of Friendly Strangers
  • Ianmore Gladstone

    Ianmore Gladstone

    Character actor who creates his own masks and costumes. Employed by Friendly Strangers
  • Isrygrad Talthraudii

    Isrygrad Talthraudii

    Mysterious "Duster" from the north
  • J.C. McCoy

    J.C. McCoy

    One legged Butcher of Greyhawk and former adventurer
  • Jackdaw


    Homunculus created by Modius but now bonded to Ix
  • Jemman


    Emissary of the Grand Druid
  • Jert


    Butcher's assistant, agent of Lolth
  • Jetrek


    Shield Lands' ambassador to Greyhawk, nephew of Holmer, cousin to Countess Katarina. Under experienced and over eager
  • Jor-Mak


    Half Ogre Gladiator/Psionicist from Athas
  • Jorn


    Guardsman at Eastguard and brother of Ven. Framed Ven for murder and brainwashed and seduced his wife.
  • Jr'zzt


    Leader of ill fated drow patrol on Toril, Brother of Kr'zzt
  • Kieren Jalucian

    Kieren Jalucian

    Master - Guild of Wizardry Greyhawk
  • King Belvor

    King Belvor

    Ruler of Furyondy
  • Kor-Mak


    Ogre Chieftan, Atahas. Father of Jor-Mak
  • Korbo


    Stable Owner and tour guide of Greyhawk
  • Kr'zzt


    Drow of Toril and nemesis of the "Champions of the Stars"
  • Lanthan


    Head of the Knights of the Sword, Krynn
  • Lanthis Oakenshield

    Lanthis Oakenshield

    Slain Bard, now a lute
  • Lord Elrenn Walthair

    Lord Elrenn Walthair

    Leader of the Rangers of the Vesve Forest. Easy going and casual about his authority. Loyal to King Belvor
  • Madame Xanti

    Madame Xanti

    Fortuneteller employed by Friendly Strangers
  • Madryk Dorn

    Madryk Dorn

    Dwarven fighter/priest of Clanggedin Silverbeard and seasoned adventurer
  • Maelik Dorn

    Maelik Dorn

    Fighter/thief follower of Ix. Nephew of Madryk Dorn
  • Marisol Woodley

    Marisol Woodley

    Kindly rich old lady who houses Enoch Greyspeth when he is in Greyhawk
  • Maydon Wolfsguard

    Maydon Wolfsguard

    Warrior for hire - Lost in Wolf Nomads territory
  • Mellisandre


    Haughty but powerful wizard of the guild. Lover of George Pimpleton
  • Meris


    Florist and wife of Dron. Lost a leg to an Ogre
  • Modius (Ascended)

    Modius (Ascended)

    The reason the party comes together. His visions set things in motion.
  • Morlan


    Solamnic Death Knight of Krynn
  • Myrek


    Docksman, agent of Lolth
  • Narome Daidril

    Narome Daidril

    Captain of the Guard at Eastguard
  • Nerof Gasgal

    Nerof Gasgal

    Mayor of Greyhawk
  • Norrin


    Former scribe/priest of Celestian. Now a priest of the first church of Cortox
  • Nystra Greythrush

    Nystra Greythrush

    Niece of Athon and new head of the Thieves Guild
  • Otiluke


    President, Society of Magi
  • Parthus Merrin

    Parthus Merrin

    Head priest of the first church of Cortox. Administrator/Astrologist
  • Pel


    Escaped prisoner and psychopathic killer. Now captured.
  • Penelus


    Ranger of the Vesve Forest and ambassador to Greyhawk. Pensive and deliberate
  • Qualen Metryk

    Qualen Metryk

    General, Army of the Shield Lands
  • Quantis Lightbender

    Quantis Lightbender

    Mysterious figure who first appears as a stowaway from Toril
  • Quen


    Halfling Captain of the Guard at Elmshire
  • Redgar Woodsheart

    Redgar Woodsheart

    Councilman of Elmshire. Favored evacuation of the city. Forced into combat by Alek Goblinfoe. Slain in the defense of Elmshire
  • Redscar


    Pseudodragon companion to Lyks
  • Reizhodd (Ascended)

    Reizhodd (Ascended)

    High elf priest/prophet of Celestian
  • Renner Woodsoul

    Renner Woodsoul

    Retired Gnarley ranger and animal exhibitor. Employed by Friendly Strangers
  • River (Retired)

    River (Retired)

    Human female mage of the grey robes from Krynn
  • Sental Nurev

    Sental Nurev

    Captain General of the Watch - Greyhawk
  • Skizz'x


    Leader of the drow surge against the Shield Lands
  • Smog


    Feline companion to Reizhodd
  • Snowflake


    Pegasus companion to Lyks
  • Spice


    Obese comediannne employed by Friendly Strangers. Half of the dancing/comedy duo Honey and Spice
  • Sweena


    Cleric who assisted with rescue of Meris
  • Tadoc Radem

    Tadoc Radem

    Priest of Celestain and Helmsman of the Hammership that ferried the party to Toril. Deceased.
  • Teela Surefoot

    Teela Surefoot

    Friendly Strangers' white leopard wrestler from Snow Barbarian territory
  • Tharun Darkwood

    Tharun Darkwood

    Druid of the region and mentor to Lyks
  • Tic-Toc Individual

    Tic-Toc Individual

    Clockwork Swordsman from Mystara found stranded in Morlan's lair
  • Torga


    Parishoner of the Church of Cortox
  • Tranteris


    Mad fisherman of Greyhawk
  • Tremastus


    High Clerist of Paladine, Palanthus.
  • Tresta


    Owner of Tresta's House of Intoxicants, Greyhawk
  • Ven


    Former guard at Eastguard and escaped prisoner. Framed and falsely imprisoned by his fellow guardsman and brother, Jorn
  • Vortis


    Human cavalier
  • Warlord Kreveka

    Warlord Kreveka

    Leader of the ruling clan of the Wolf Nomads. Short tempered and cannibalistic
  • Widow Rohl

    Widow Rohl

    Baker, Greyhawk. Has taken a shine to Jor-Mak